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SYSTEMS, INC. ® SOFTWARE DEVELOPERS MANUAL - Properties and Methods for SigPlus

Version 3.74 - 9/11/06 -- FOR TECHNICAL SUPPORT CALL 805 520-8286 OR E-MAIL TO: 3.73 3.69

3.64 3.61 3.60



3.49 3.48 3.46

3.40 3.34 3.33 3.32 3.29



Optimized SigPlus timing for increased performance. Optimized HIDUSB communication. Optimized serial communications when used in thin client environment Added pressure data functionality (hardware-specific functionality) Added ImageScreenResolution() for setting resolution of images written by SigPlus Added support for SE pads (SE pads require SigPlusSE install) Added CompressionMode 100, for maximizing signature compression Added support for new Adobe signer,GemSignPlus. Do rotation much differently Disabled unused SigPlus OnClick event to improve application performance. Added GetBitmapBufferBytes() method to return a Bitmap image in a Byte array. Added tablet connect query for serial and HSB only This checks whether or not the tablet is connected to the computer. Added SetEnableColor() method to activate color in SigPlus.. AddedDisplayRefreshInterval() method to allow developer to specify the SigPlus refresh rate. Added SetBackgroundHandle () method to allow SigPlus background to be set from a windows handle. Added functionality to allow the font used for annotation within SigPlus to be specified (section must be added in the SigPlus.ini). Further improved HID tablet performance. Eliminated issues when trying to import signatures into aninstance of SigPlus in which SigCompressionMode does not match Improved HSB (HID) tablet performance. Implemented GetSigPlusVersionString() method for determining version of SigPlus currently installed. Implemented GetLCDSize() and GetLCDTextSize(str String) to help determine LCD area necessary for given string size to be displayed on Topaz LCD tablets. Added four methods to create buffered signatureBMPs (method calls all begin with “BitmapBuffer”), eliminating the need to save them to a file location. Updated ClearTablet method to increase efficiency when called within Pen Events. Eliminates “flicker” when writing on older operating systems. Added the DisableMessageBoxes method, to inhibit SigPlus error messaging. Implemented LCDWriteFile method, allowing BMP to be passed to LCD tablet usingits full path (rather than a Handle to the BMP) Internal changes. No major modifications. Added SigPlusInit() method for use with CreateObject method in vbscript on a web page. Implemented PenUp and PenDown events (see SetEventEnableMask method). Implemented ability to query tablet for serial number and model number (see TabletSerialNumber and TabletModelNumber methods). For use with specifichardware only. Provides interactive LCD tablet functionality when minimized by updating the signature list when KeypadQueryHotSpot, NumberOfTabletPoints, and TabletState methods are called. Input buffer is cleared on open, safeguarding against leftover data issues. Timeout changed in SigPlus to accommodate Citrix system performance, allowing compatibility with Citrix environment. Added SetBackgroundmethod, allowing BMP image to be set as background of SigPlus object Added parameter to SigPlus.ini, to permit multiple USB tablets on a hub to sign simultaneously. Added parameter to SigPlus.ini to allow SigPlus error messages to be suppressed. Fixed bug to allow SigPlus to be unregistered using regsvr32.

For information on versions of SigPlus older than 3.23, please contact Topaz Systems,Inc. For updates to this manual and to software, check examples and answers to frequently asked questions, see

Copyright 1995 – 2005, Topaz Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved Covered by US Patent 6,307,955 Topaz Systems, Inc., 650 Cochran Street, Unit 6, Simi Valley, CA, USA, 93065 Phone: 805 520-8282 Fax: 805 520-0867...
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