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English Honors

Jewelry in the Middle Ages

Dariana Caro

Period – F

October 8, 2009

During the medieval period, the jewelrytypes, styles, fashions and designs were influenced by the trade with the east following the Crusades. Jewelry have not change so much during the passing of time. These were made from beautifulmaterials known to the medieval world, like silver, gold, gem and pearls. Few medieval jewels have come to future generations, because of the value of their materials; many were destroyed or recycled bymelting them down and reused in newer and more fashionable and valuable pieces. The significance of jewelry goes more than its material and decorative value; they communicate complex meanings and helpedfro the medieval language of signs.

In the Middle Ages, being part of personal adornment, or having an adorn, played an immense role in self-expression and self-representation, it actuallydescribes what you are. Jewelry designs and fashion included religious jewelry and jewelry normal, that was used to decorate both, hair and clothing. For the hair they used hats and for clothing, belts,necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings. Pearls in necklaces, earrings and collars of office were the most popular component, for men and women. They used in their jewelry, pearls of all sizes(usually round), and gemstone beads like rubies, sapphire, emeralds and diamonds. Some men and women also wear chains, that, these were worn to designate an office held or a station in society.

Jewelryin the Church: During this period, jewelry was owned by noble people only. Once it was developed a social order class, jewelry was used to denote rank. It can be seen today in the form of militaryinsignia.
In the earliest forms of jewelry, it was worn to protect the wearer from evil force. Amulets were believed to posse’s mystical power.
The church played also an important part for the...
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