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Dossier N°1
I was in London... Just walking, when something called my attention, it was a door, but that door was different, it made me feel nervous, curious and scared, my reaction was to stay there in front of that door
I heard a noise that noise was coming from there, seconds later a man came out, I didn’t know what to do, I was standing there just looking
I was about to be more than afraidbut his reaction calmed me; he just looked at me, and gave me his hand. He was mysterious and calm; he tried to pretend that nothing was happening.
His face was very pale, his eyes were brown but not just brown it was different; his hair was blond but to be more honest it was like yellow, his face was pretty without any imperfection, his arms were strong like his body, and he made me feelprotected only by his physical appearance. He was dress like a child, with shorts and a simple shirt, but at the same time he was wearing a tie and a jacket, I didn’t know what to think, what he was trying to do with that appearance, he was confused. His face expresses a lost sight, that he was a child in a man’s body trying to hide his fears, he was lost and all he was doing was asking for help, he wasabout to cry, he looks desperate and scared, he transmitted me an aggressive personality, that he was not afraid of life, he knew what he was doing and no one could stop him.
I didn’t feel like this before, he made me want him, to know him better. I wanted to be closer but what should I’ve done; stay there and wait him to go or give him my hand and follow him. It was difficult, I wanted him.But I left him there with my feelings.

Dossier N°2
To talk about the situation of the girl it’s difficult. I think this man was crazy that was not a thing that a normal person would do.
In my opinion man has changed notoriously. I could explain this in many different ways but I’m going to explain it by the situation of this girl.
When this happened and I notice that the part that I wasreading it was really happening I thought that the man that was hitting the girl didn´t realized what was doing but then a man standing next to him tried to stop this but the criminal didn´t stop and at the same time I notice that this man knew perfectly what he was doing.
The man that observed everything stopped him, he was hurting this little girl to much without a reason, she was doing nothingwhen he started hitting her body, but his reaction obviously wasn´t a normal one, he offered money to the man for his silence. I stop and thought if this could really happened now a days and we don´t realized because we are trap in our world but we don’t see what is happening out side, how is life for others and what they have to live every day to be alive. What were both thinking at that moment; Idon´t know but the man accepted money for silence. I don´t believe it that´s why every day people love each other less and less because they permit the suffer of others, people with the same rights this world is like this only because we don´t respect and like doing only things we want without caring about others.
What it´s going to get the man that receive the money? More material satisfaction,more benefits for him or his family, it could be but that will last like one week, and when that money ends what is going to happened? It will be the same and worse because the person who commit this will be free of doing this again and another person will suffer the same of the girl only because people is egoist. But if we do something probably this man will stay in jail and I don’t think this isthe better option because I don’t know if this will help him not to hurt other people
It´s a decision for life… That I think that we, people, are not able to take yet.

Dossier N°3
Does appearance affect our social reputation in our world? Do poor people have the same opportunity that we well-dressed people have? I think these questions can be answered with a simple yes, but do I agree with...
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