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Officially the Hellenic Republic(Ελληνική Δημοκρατία, Elliniki Dimokratia), and historically Hellas, is a country in Southern Europe. Greece has land borders withAlbania, the Republic of Macedonia and Bulgaria to the north, and Turkey to the east.

Culture in Greece is very influence by their rich historyand their beliefs are developed around it. Traditions in Greece are from religious character or coming from paganism. The Greeks are very superstitious people and believe a lot in religion but alsoin supernatural or paranormal phenomenon.

♦ In Greece …

How do people greet each other when they meet for the first time?

o When they meet for first time usually thegreeting is geia(hello), kalimera(good day), kalispera(good evening/night) and xairomai pou se gnorizo -xarhka pou se gnwrisa-(nice to meet you), kalinitka(to go to sleep). Sometimes they shake handsbut isn’t necessary, just in formal situations, and also they kiss on both cheeks, first on left and next right, if is a good friend, best friend or family member.

Aregreetings customs different for men and women? How?

o No, greetings customs aren’t different, but men usually have a sweet Treat with women saying things like mo̱ró mou kyría -μωρό μου κυρία-(babymy lady).

When and how do you address people formally?

o Formally address is often used in offices at work, with governor members, older parents or in church. They address usingthe greeting , next by title and ending with the first name of the person, just in very official environment is used the last name.

* Example: Kalimera kirie Niko/ Good day MrNiko

Mr. president ,the company director

♂→kirie / Mr.
♀→kiria /Ms.

When and how do you address people informally?

o Informally address is...
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