Drilling program solutions

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Drilling Program Solutions

1. Which main steps should be performed during planning phase?
• Choice of target and location
• Well path
• Casing design
• Mud weight
• NDS (NoDrilling Surprises)
• Simulations and Calculations
• RTD (Recommendation to drill)
• Cost Estimate
• Drilling Program
• Detailed Drilling Procedures
• Completion Program

2. What NDS stands for andwhen it is performed?
• NDS (No Drilling Surprises) has to be performed for each single well.
• NDS is performed in early planning phase in order to highlight any possible risk which could have abig impact on the following items:
• Well pad location
• Well design
• Target
• Big risk during drilling of any hole section
• Completion design
• Production rate

3. What is risk assessmentused for?
• Risk assessment is used to identify all possible initial risks related to drilling operations and to define risk reducing measures in order to reduce or eliminate the final risk.

4.What does it mean P10-P90 range?
• The P10: the value below which there is a 10% probability that the well cost will fall.
• The P90: the value below which there is a 90% probability that the well costwill fall.

5. What plans drilling program includes?
• In addition the drilling plan includes plans for special operations such as coring, logging, completion and well testing.

6. What welldesign summary includes?
• The following data are included:
• General field data with surface location coordinates
• Casing and cementing program
• Drilling fluids program
• Casing and formationintegrity testing

7. What is the most important data we need prior to start preparing drilling program?
• Seismic data, pore pressure prognosis, temperature prognosis.

8. Why is pore pressureprognosis so important during the planning phase?
• The pore pressure prognosis is crucial for the well design i.e. casing setting depths and mud types and mud weights.
• The formation strength,...
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