Drugs and violence

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Drugs and Violence

One point on which almost everyone that agrees in drug prohibition also knows it is the existence of a connection between drugs and violence. Sometimes we think that the peoplewho disagree with drugs are people who don’t do them, well that’s not entirely true, some disagree with drugs because of the result witch would be violence, this is one of the reasons drugs should belegal.

There is a bond between drugs and violence and it could occur on one of three ways, violent crime by consumers of drugs, violent crime associated with the production and distribution ofdrugs, or violent crime directly associated with the attempt to enforce drug prohibition. Also if we look at crimes done by drug consumers we see that there are two common situations to occur, one isdrugs as in input to violent crime, people committing crimes under the influence of drugs. By reducing consumption of drugs, we can expect to reduce violent crime. Two is that drug users commit crimes inorder to get the money to pay for drugs. If this is true, the drug prices would go up, if drugs were legal the price would decrease.

There are many ways in which a government can try to reduce theuse of illegal drugs. One way of reducing addiction is by making substitutes like Methadone for heroin addicts. Another way of doing it would be to legalize some drugs in order to reduce the demandfor other drugs, for example legalizing weed would make it easier for some people to smoke it than having to go to the trouble of buying cocaine. Another way of reducing demand and addiction is byenforcing drug laws against the people that use drugs, making coops go after the drug consumers, catching them, and making them pay with jail time or fine. Also the government can try to make it muchharder for the drug dealers to get the drugs to a country, this way if the drug dos go pass the border, drug dealers would increase the prices of the product thus making it harder for customers to buy...
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