The Drugs And Their Consequences

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The Drugs and Their Consequences

As Ever, parents, family and all people think that the most important drugs are the popular drugs, like: cocaine, heroin, and something like that. But they don’tknow that we have another’s drugs that also are so bad; but we think that popular drugs are worse than others drugs, for that reason we forgot pay attention about that Important drugs. The drugs thatwe forgot are the alcohol and the addictions of computer games.
About the alcohol we have some consequences like waste money, loose the family or people that you love so much, and in some case thedeath; But one of the most important mistake that we have in this drug, is that we think that this is only for big people, but it is not true, in the present the children or more specific, the teenagersalso drink beer or consume alcohol.
In My opinion, I think that this is really bad because the teenagers when drink beer or consume alcohol, fight or do some bad things which can results in thingsthat they may regret, and with the time, they continue doing bad things and more bad things which can result in death. But in the case of the adults, is worse than teenagers because most of adults whenare drinking beer or consuming alcohol, drive her car, and he can crush with another person or another car and not just end with his live, he also end with others lives, or can be translate to thejail because drive when you are drinking beer it’s so terrible and it’s a crime; for that reason, I should you that be careful when you are drinking beer, or consuming alcohol.
So, know we are going totalk about another important drug, called the internet; I think that the internet is more for teenagers who give it a bad use. They don’t use the internet only for do homework’s; most of the teenagersuse the internet for meet people that can be really bad, and can destroy his live or kill him. And also use the internet for bad pages (satanic pages, or pornography) or for addictive computers...
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