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Future Construction of Dubai

Arched Bridge the World's Largest
By 2012, Dubai will be the largest arch bridge in the world.
The structure will have a length of1,600 meters, a height of 204 meters and a cost of $ 817 million and can sustain a traffic of 2,000 vehicles per hour in each direction, and a subway line through themiddle..- Dubailand

The largest entertainment complex in the world. Currently under construction with an anticipated completion date between 2015 and 2018. Cost 65billion dollars and is a haven for all children and adults, a dream for entertainment is concerned. It is divided into six areas or worlds:
-World of attractions andexperiences:
-World Eco-Tourism
-World Entertainment,
Theme-World Leisure and Tourism,
-World of Sports, which will house the Dubai Sports City which we discussedbelow.
-Downtown: its huge buildings, will have the largest mall in the world2.- Dubai Sports City

It is currently under construction. It will be the largest sportscomplex in the world and will resemble a small town.
It will consist of a wide range of sports teams, stadiums, playgrounds, private homes and shops. The main sportsstructure will be a stadium with a capacity for 60,000 spectators
3.- Hydropolis, un hotel submarino

It will be the first luxury hotel built under the sea. Itwill have 220 ​​luxury apartments, a shopping center, villas, restaurants. And a cost of $ 594 million. Its designer Joachim Hauser is German and proclaimed the hotel asa "10 stars". It will be located 20 meters below the surface of the Persian Gulf.
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