Eating Healthy For Kids

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Written by Cheesy Cheese

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Hello everybody! My name is Elmo and today, my friends are going to teach you about healthy eating! It is going to be so much fun! Right? So let’s get started!
Hey there kids! My name is Bert. Do you want to know how to grow big and tall? Well, let me tell you a secret. When I was a little kid I liked to eat meat products and their alternatives!
Remember to have 1 serving of meatproducts per day!

The thing that makes meat products special is the PROTEIN they have in it. Protein helps you grow and also repairs your body. Here I have listed some foods which contain protein

Meat Fish EggsLegumes
Tofu Peanuts Shelled Nuts
Hi boys and girls! My name is SUPER GROVER! I am very strong and not just because of my SUPER POWERS! But because when I was a little kid, I always drank and ate milk products.

Remember to have 2 servings of milk products everyday!
The thing that makes milk products special is theCALCIUM they contain. Calcium helps your bones become very strong! Here I have listed some products that contain calcium:
Milk Yogurt Cheese Canned Milk
Hello guys! My name is Big Bird and I love fruits and vegetables! I love them because they give you energy and they are sodelicious! Yummy! Fruits are very sweet and vegetables can make you feel fresh and brand new.
Remember to have 5 servings of fruits and veggies everyday!
The things that make fruits and vegetables special are all the VITAMINS they contain. Vitamins are good for your body and keep you healthy. Here are a few products that contain vitamins:Grapes, Apples, 100% Leafy Berries Carrots, Potatoes Bananas, Oranges Juice Vegetables Tomatoes, Peppers
“Hola amigos!” Hello friends! My name is Rosita and I’m going to teach you about grain products. Do you see all the energy I use playing myguitar? Well I’ll tell you a secret. My “abuela” makes me many foods with grains which are very good for you!
The things that make grain products special are the CARBOHYDRATES they contain. Carbohydrates give you energy! So then that is what gives me the energy to play my guitar! Here are some foods you can eat that will help you play games and activities:

Bread Bagel TortillaRice Cereal Pasta

Remember! You need to have 4 servings of grain products everyday! Adios! Bye!
Hi boys and girls! My name is Zoe and I love ballet! I’d like to tell you something very important. In order to stay healthy, you don’t only need to eat balanced meals every day. You also need to exercise at least 30 minutes a day!
Exercise is good for you and it helps you stay in shape!I exercise everyday by dancing! Here are a few things you can also do:

Dance Run Sports Playground
Hey Guys! My name is Ernie! Another important thing is to not eat sweets everyday! It’s O.K. to eat candy once in a while. But if you eat every single day, you can get a tummy ache.

If you feel like eating sweets, why don’t you replace them with fruits? They are sweet...
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