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Bryan orlando herrera argumedo

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3 “A”

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Isela Rios

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The moods.

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Isaac newton #54

I did this job, with the intetion of what you know more about the moods, because is thing very extencive, but, y write just the fundamental, and for what you knowmore of mi life.
The moods, we can see in other people, but more in the body, whether physical or psychological ... physical, when we get angry we often get red, or raise an eyebrow, as I do ... in fact, my father also happens that, when angry, upload an eyebrow, and the other is left in place. In short, in this proycto to know more about moods, their Definitions:, and some features. soundexciting.

Moods’s definition
A mood is an emotional state, in each person is different, furthermore depending the situation, for example, you have just dead a person love, you are going to sad, is very normal, bot, like you can be sad, you can too sad very happy, for example, when you offer a change, and train every day, for a longtime, and, besides, when fulfill the change, you feel a sensation very very happy.

Here is the definition of each mood:

The happy mood, is an state of encourage, when you feel a happy mood, is when believe reached a change. The happy mod, produces a interior peace, and you see the positiv means, and you are more hopeful with you proplems.
When you are happy, you are more nce withyour friends, familiars, and love persons, because you are more relaxed.
In eastern happy is conceived as a quality product from a state of intern harmony that manifests as a feeling of wellbeing that lasts over time and not as a source mood passenger as generally defined in the West.

The sad is a emotions basics of the human, the scary, the angry, the disgust, the happy, and thesorpraise. And is produced by down moral. Is the grief through the bawl , the face, and the lack of appetite.
When manifest the sad, is when we espectatives of a change, not luce good, or when we circumstances of the life are more painful what happy moments. And the sad, when is a long time, can turn a depression, anda after the depression, suicide may.
In the life, we have more hapy moments, like,sads moments, and they are very nice news.

The scary is a emtion characterized by a mood strong, and is more likely to be nasty, is produced for a perception by a danger really, or for your imagination, future, or even the past. The las expression of the scar, is the therror.
And, actually, is the weapon of the survival weapon and a strong defensive.
To enavle for person respond toadverse situations quickly and effectively. In that sense, it is normal and beneficial for the individual and for his kind
Just as the pain appears when something harmful attacks your body comes amid fear of a situation that is in danger.

Surprise is a brief emotional state, a result of an unexpected event. It is one of two basic emotions. You can have any valence, ie it canbe neutral, pleasant or unpleasant.

Some characteristics of the surprise are:

• Eyebrow that rise, and turn in curves and hight.
• Open the eyelids, and stretch.
• Down the jaw showing lips and the deths.

The angry, is a emotion expressed with the resentment,fury or irratibility, the efects phisics of anger include increased heart rate.
blood pressure and levels ofadrenaline and noradrenalina Some view anger as part of the brain response to attack or flee from a perceived threat or harm.
countless people suffered mental damage, owing to they were angry very often, because, when a person is angry, anger makes certain electrons activate your brain, and if you do very often, these electrons can be damaged.

The bored is the tiredness or nuisance...
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