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1. First topic : greece economic recession
2. Second topic : china economic expansion

Recession versus expansion

The economic recession in Europe affects the economy of theentire continent. That’s why Greece for example is in a deep recession. What is happening is that the expenses are weakened and consequently enterprises produce fewer goods.
On the other side, nowadaysChina's economy has boomed fastly; as a big difference with our European country. That is why Greece is planning a serious emphasis on foreign investors, especially from China. As we know the economyin a country always searches for an expansion because that creates the best consequences for the population.  
For years, China's main influence on the Greek economy has been in restaurants and smallbusinesses. Now, they need a bigger foreign investment, and especially they need the Chinese, the most powerful economy at the moment. In consequence and in an effort to help its terrible economy,Greece is calling Chinese investors to invest mainly in its train lines and ports.

The European country is also worried about the employment. Apparently the Asian country is listening and giving ahand to promote employment and ameliorate Greek’s social situation. So in the social aspect, the recession affects people negatively. In contrast the economic expansion benefits people because theirsocial life changes. They have more capacity to buy goods and more comfort.
According to it we can say that Chinese people have a better way of life because they have more money. And on the opposite theGreek community which does not have money is going through a deteriorated situation.
According to the employment, the recession produces a growing of the unemployment and in consequence it decreasesthe consumption so enterprises produce fewer products and accordingly the enterprises fire workers which produces more unemployment and deteriorates the economy.

The employment and the labor...
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