Educacion bilingue

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Bilingual Education

Juan C Bolivar

An essay Submitted to the
Sistema Universitario Ana G. Méndez
in Fulfillment of the Requirements
for the Program Academic Class EDAG 657

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This essay was submitted by Juan C Bolivar under the direction of the person listed below. It was submitted to the SistemaUniversitario Ana G. Méndez System in fulfillment of the requirements for the Program Academic Class.

Idali Medina Date

The atmosphere of Bilingual Education

In the U.S.cultural diversity requires that educational institutions are facing different types of requirements and the most common of these is that education is provided in several languages this gives rise tobilingual education.
Each day the demand grows for education in a bilingual environment, globalization of markets and constant immigration open new frontiers and development needs to be covered withprofessionals who can function in an environment with multiple languages.
Bilingual education is provided in the constitutions of several states of the Union, in recent years nationalist movementshave increased and promoting consciousness that seeks to promote English-only.
Unlike Europe where bilingualism has been around for decades and is referred to and incorporated into regulareducation programs. In the United States that bilingualism
Oriented schools serving minority and private, for decades students who had access to bilingual education should be directed to centersspecializing in this type of education or in many cases had to travel outside the country and pay huge fees for their education.
Bilingual education is a right of all children to receive theireducation in their native language this right enables you to alternate your knowledge or learning a new language strengthening of expanding and enriching their ability to adapt to an increasingly demanding...
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