Educacion multicultural

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Multicultural Education refers to a set of programs that try to address the needs of racial, ethnic, and linguistics minorities in five different categoriesor efforts that are commonly found in schools. They represent the variety of approaches that have been used by educational pluralists in the attempt to accelerate the process of causing a positiveapproach to cultural diversity.

The categories in which Multicultural Education is divided are: Teaching the Culturally Different, which means approaching to the students to find a cultural deficiencybut assisting at the same time to maintain their own cultural identity. Human Relations, this category is based on communication and learning how to communicate with different people while learning tofeel good about themselves. Single Group Studies is the one who is based in developing information about certain heritage and to help the individuals develop a more positive perception andself-image. The Inclusive Multicultural Education category is where all the effort is making approaches to the people to focus on issues like strength and value of diversity, human rights, accepting alternativechoices social justice and some others. The last category falls over that goes beyond the Multicultural Education itself, because is the one who is capable of helping the students to criticallyanalyze their circumstances and the social stratification that is keeping them form having a full participation on the society.

I think the way I would apply the Multicultural Teaching in my classroomis by including in it all the categorize approaches mention above. In my opinion the most important one is the Education That Is Multicultural and Social Reconstructionist, because is the one that letthe students think by themselves and reason by themselves too, making them analyze the situation to become better in the society. Doing a Multicultural Teaching is not that easy, it is important to...
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