Educacion y tecnologia

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Before speaking of the impact of technology in education it must be clear first what technology is? According to the Wikipediafree encyclopedia: technology is the set of abilities that allows us to build objects and machines to adapt to the environment and meet our needs. In a somewhat broader way we can define technology, asall scientific and technical knowledge acquired by human beings, for the construction or production of objects, systems or environments, aiming to solve problems, meet individual or collective needs,and improve the living conditions of the community. On the other hand we must understand that education is the process of socialization of individuals through which they develop physical, intellectualskills, study skills and ways of behaving in an orderly social fashion. But the term “education” refers mainly to the influence exerted on a person ordered to train and develop several complementarylevels. Education is a key ingredient in human life and society, and goes back to the origins of mankind. (American Webster dictionary).
Clarified the concepts, we can say that technology playsa crucial and fundamental roll in schools. Earlier, in education, the teacher taught the subject matter to their students, while students wait passively receiving information. In this type ofteaching all control rested on the master. Today the demands of the modern technological world has caused a change in the methodology of teaching, where students must be proactive in learning, activelyseeking to analyze, question, interpret and understand the environment in which it develops. In the present time we should incorporate all the technological tools to the field of education because they area valuable resource for meaningful learning.
The use of technology in the teaching process helps prepare students to live in a world increasingly dependent on technology and to equip them...
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