Education in honduras

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Education in Honduras is a low level education because of the lack of responsibility the government and teachers have. Education in Honduras needs to be improved, because if thecountry wants a better country they need to teach well at schools because the kids at school are the future of the country.
One of the major problems Honduras have is the lack ofresponsibility from parents , this means that the majority of kids living in the outside of the cities don’t attend school because their parents don’t let them. This is caused becausethe parents think that the most important thing to do is to work , and they put their kids under 18 to work , for them to take money to their homes. When this kids grow up they aregoing to be a lot of adults unemployed because they didn’t have a chance in their childhood to go to school, so this country will never grow better if the Education continues likethis.
My grandma adopted a boy , he was 6 years , at 6 you need to enter to 1 grade but my grandpa didn’t like the idea of taking the boy to school because he thinks that a manshould work and that they have no time to waste for studying, This kid which name is Dago , he does nothing at school because he doesn’t even tries to learn anything and he quit goingto school. So he preferred to work with my grandpa rather than going to school and after top college and have a master degree and gain more money.

If we really want to improveour country, we need to start changing people´s thoughts and they have to begin thinking big , like I want to own a company and not wanting to be the worker of the company. But firstof all the government has to improve the type of education that kids are receiving , and taking action to make more specialized teachers so they can teach the best way to kids.
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