Efecto de vivir en una ciudad cosmopolita

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The lifestyle that inhabitants have all over the world depends on what place they are located in (country, region, and hemisphere) and also all the cultural content of these sites has.In this text we will see the points in which England at being a cosmopolitan city affect the livelihood of people in many aspects like transport, gourmet, physical and medical issue, and providesreasons why you should have a balance life in a cosmopolitan cities and countries and the simplicity of field.

In the first place, we have to know that England nowadays is considered one of the mostdeveloped countries in many aspects. One of these aspects is that England is a big center of industrial and economical development. That makes people to have high standards of living. In other words, byliving in a cosmopolitan city people are accustomed to an undemanding way of living because the city provides all that that people need like developed forms of transport, easy ways to obtain foodetc. In addition, living in England
Make people get used that many cultures are mixed in this country. The Gourmet lifestyle that people have is quite varied because the mix of cultures and the factthat these cities meet people from all over the world, a clear example can be seen in Manchester, where there are 412 restaurant divided between Chinese, German, Thai, Latin flavors, African etc. worthnoting that these cosmopolitan cities and countries provide a glamorous and luxurious environment that not all countries in the world can give, this type of places have a large number of details thatdescribe an environment as they are glamorous and flamboyant like restaurants and bars very high quality at international level, spas and relaxation centers and whole streets where you can find localmost renowned clothing and accessories on the planet.

On the other hand, not everything is so wonderful about living in a cosmopolitan country. This also affects many aspects of lifestyle. A...
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