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Review Exercise 1 (chapter 25)
1. (Is/are) our newspaper here yet?
2. One of my friends (swims/swim) twenty laps and (runs/run) three miles every day.
3. During recess, the class(plays/play) in the field.
4. Colleges for most students (requires/require) time and (demands/demand) commitment.
5. Taking a test after staying up late with friends (is/are) risky.
6. Theneighbors or their gardener (waters/water) the plants every day.
7. Speaking two languages (is/are) useful in some jobs.
8. Economics (happens/happen) to be my mayor.
9. There(appears/appear) to be many ways to get there from here.
10. The pinball machine that (steals/steal) my quarters (is/are) in the game room.

Review Exercise 2 (chapter 26)
Correct all verb errors inthe following sentences. Rewrite sentences in the passive voice to put them in active voice. (Note: Some verbs are correct and should not be changed.)
Answers: already in passive
1. The OlympicGames began in Olympia in Greece in 776 B.C.
Active: In 776 B.C. in Olympia, Greece the Olympic Games began.
2. The games were dedicated to Zeus, the most powerful Greek god.
Active: Zeus themost powerful Greek god, had the games dedicated to him.
3. During the celebration, Greeks made offerings to the gods and watched athletic contests.
Active: The Greeks made offerings to the gods andwatched athletic contests during the celebration.
4. The celebration was held in the summer and lasted for five days.
5. Athletes arrived one month early in order to be selected for thecompetition.
6. Physical strength was valued by the ancient Greeks.
Active: The ancient Greeks valued physical strength.
7. Winners were crowned with a wreath of olive leaves.
8. Many contestswere held in stadiums that seat over 20,000 people.
Active: Over 20,000 people sat in the stadiums were many contests were held.
9. Strict rules govern the competition.
10. Athletes who...
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