El aborto

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1. knock before you enter.
A) in a horror house.
B) in a computer.
C) in a door.

□ Golpear antes de entrar
A) En una casa de horror.
B) En una computadora.
C) En una puerta.

2. police line do not cross
A) at a police station.
B) at an accident.
C) at a police academy.

□ la línea de la policía no se cruzan
A) en una estación de policía
B) en unaccidente
C) en una academia de policía.

3. warning wet floor
A) at a beach.
B) in a roof.
C) in a corridor.

□ Advertencia de piso mojado.
A) en una playa
B) en un techo.
C) en un corridor.

4. showing on next summer.
A) in a circus.
B) in a cinema screen.
C) in a botanic garden.

□ Mostrando en el próximo verano.
A) en un circo.
B) en unapantalla de cine.
C) en un jardín botánico.

5. Baby aboard.
A) in a train station.
B) in a pediatrics room.
C) in a window car.

□ Bebé a bordo.
A) en una estación de tren.
B) en una sala de pediatría.
C) en una ventana del carro.

6. it's able to learn words.
Es capaz de aprender nuevas palabras.

7. it's used by man for hunting.
Es utilizado por elhombre para la caza.

8. it lives in the seacoast.
Vive en la Costa

9. it's domestic and can't fly at all.
Es domestico y no puede volar.

10. it's the largest flying bird.
Es el ave mas grande volador

A) pelican Pelicano
B) ostrich Avestruz
C) chicken Pollo
D) condor Cóndor
E) dove Paloma
F) parrot Loro
G) canary Canario
H) falcon Halcón

11. Should I go to the ball?
¿Debo ira la pelota?

12. Thank you very much.

13. What for is that?
¿Para qué es eso?

14. Whose is this?
¿De quién es esto?

15. I won’t got.
No voy a entrar.

Fictional Heroes never die

Real heroes are only human. They live and __ like the rest of __. But fictional heroes are different. They __ life many years ago and they will live on in fiction in the future. Here are some favouritetwentieth-century fictional heroes.

The spy 007 has been __ for the British Secret Service __ 1953 when lan Fleming first wrote about him in Casino Royale. Fleming is now dead, but the spy still lives on. The first film was Dr No in 1962 and since then __ appeared in over twenty films.

Batman first saved Gotham City from evil with the help of Robin, in a comic book in 1939 and has beenfighting crime for over fifty years. The team __ made three TV series, as well as films and novels. Then most popular TV series was in the 1960s, and our hero has recently appeared __ films.

16. A) dead B) die C) death

17. A) we B) them C) us

18. A) began B) begin C) begun

19. A) work B) worked C) working

20. A) from B) since C) by

21. A) he’s B) he’ll C) he’d22. A) have B) has C) had

23. A) by B) on C) in

Chocolate – like falling in love

Chocolate first came from Central American. The word chocolates comes from the Aztec language and is the only Aztec word we use regularly in English. The Aztecs made a greasy, bitter drink called Xocoatl, from cocoa beans mixed with cold water, spices and cornmeal. The Aztecs used the cocoa bean as aform of money. According to H H Bancroft, who was a historian, “ four beans bought some vegetables, ten beans bought a woman and a slave cost 100”

The explorer Cortes was the first person to bring chocolate to Europe. He presented it to the Spanish Royal Court in Madrid and served it with herbs and pepper. Soon it became very fashionable to drink it mixed with sugar and vanilla and drunk warm.Daniel Peter, who was a confectioner in Switzerland, invented milk chocolate in the 1870s. Henri Nestle developed the process.

Chocolate contains small amounts of the chemical phenylethylamine, which is also naturally present in the brain, and which gives us the same feeling as when we fall in love.

The world’s largest chocolate model was a 10m by 5m representation of the Olympic...
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