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Ernesto (Che) Guevara
Why did he want the independence of Cuba if he wasn’t Cuban?
Good morning my name is Juan as you may already know. Well today we will talk about an issue I have in my family,because half of my family is Cuban and this is a controversial situation.
Why did he want the independence of Cuba if he wasn’t Cuban?
To answer this question will have to go back. And review hischildhood, friends, and his life .Che was an argentine upper class boy who could have lived all his life in comfort without giving a damn about the world.
At the age of 23 years, he went with hisfriend Alberto Granados to a trip thru all of Latin America where he saw people in poverty, oppressed, abused, and in hunger. Che knew he had to do something. His new mission was to open his mind and tothe ideal of unifying Latin-America into one identity. He went back home and graduated in 1953 in medicine. He went to another trip; this one took him to Mexico where he practiced medicine and alsohad a lover; the sister of Raul and Fidel Castro. They were introduced and soon shared and discussed their political ideals. At that moment, Che knew that the Cuban’s cause was the one to fulfill hispassion. The passion for freedom, equal opportunity, and the liberation of Cuba. He participated with Fidel and Raul in one of firsts attempts to liberate Cuba. It was a very bloody confrontation,where Che decided to be a soldier and not a doctor. The Cuban revolution only recognized Fidel Castro and Ernesto Guevara (El che) as the highest powers in the revolutionary movement.
When theyliberated Cuba from Batista, he was appointed as the treasurer. With his new power he knew he could do good things for the people. He mad presentation in different places and explained and discussed theposition of Cuba, the revolution, and ideals. During all this, he discussed the relationship between Latin-American and the United States. He considered the US as an enemy. Later he realized that he...
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