El ecoturismo y las relaciones comunitarias en el centro poblado de llachon

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1. It’s difficult to impose any kind of structural ordering on a functional syllabus
a) Explain the reason for this.
b) From whatthe autor says, why sholud this be desirable?
2. Structural practice within a functional design is of course posible.
a) What posibilities are suggested?
b) What are some of thedifficulties involved?
a) What conclusion does the author reach about the application of a functional approach to language teaching? Do you agree with them?
b) In your opinion, has he given abalanced assessment of the problem involved? Give your reasons.
4. Examine any course book which implements or claims to implement a functional approach to language teaching at the beginning stageto see whiter the author has attempted to maintain some kinds of structural progression. Decide whether he has successfully resolved the issues raised in this passage by the author.

Perhaps it is not unreasonable to suppose thet the presentation of language in situational dialogues is as old as formalized language- training itself. The approach persistsin modern courses for reasons which are too obvious to need stating. It has seved as the only effective antidote to the surfeit of tedious mechanistic drlling, which, unfortunately, is considered bysome teachers to be all of language teaching . course-designers have almost universally superimposed two important refinements of this traditional device:
Audiovisual presentation and grammaticalcontextualization.
The situations in many published courses are designed with visual presentation in mind and they generally illustrate quite well the use of the grammatical items to be taught in thegrading sequence. Beyond this, perhaps it is fair to say that the technique has not been further developed. Indeed, the situations devised by course- writers are often at variance with the needs of the...
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