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Paradoxically, only after Meursault reaches this seemingly dismal realization is he able to attain happiness. When he fully comes to terms with theinevitability of death, he understands that it does not matter whether he dies by execution or lives to die a natural death at an old age. This understanding enables Meursault to put aside his fantasies ofescaping execution by filing a successful legal appeal. He realizes that these illusory hopes, which had previously preoccupied his mind, would do little more than create in him a false sense that deathis avoidable. Meursault sees that his hope for sustained life has been a burden. His liberation from this false hope means he is free to live life for what it is, and to make the most of his remainingdays.

Mito de Sísifo
Czechoslovakian guy in newspaper article contrasted with the myth of Sisyphus. Destiny
M siempre hace lo que se le da la gana desde el comienzo de la obra. Desde elprincipio, su destino le pertenece.
Existencialismo como humanismo

La obra es independiente del autor
Pero se pueden encontrar relaciones entre los dos pero son inferencias.
Mersaultcondenado a muerte Camus tiene tuberculosis y muere en accidente de carro
At the time, Meursault agreed that “there was no way out,” but now he understands for the first time the full implications of thesewords: there is no way out of prison, and there is no way out of a life that inevitably and purposelessly ends in death.

While awaiting his execution, Meursault takes the final step in thedevelopment of his consciousness. Whereas during his trial Meursault passively observed the judgments leveled against him, in prison he begins to ponder the fact of his inevitable death. He begins to see hislife as having a past, present, and future, and concludes that there is no difference between dying soon by execution and dying decades later of natural causes. This capacity for self-analysis is a...
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