El Hombre Elefante

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el hombre ele
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Teacher: Lisbeth Talledo
Section: G4EN
Diurnal 2
* Benites Solórzano, Catalina Julia
* Cenzano Gonzales, Yesenia



I- Read chapters 1 and 2, and answer these questions.

1) What did Dr. Treves see in the window of the shop?

-He saw inthe window a horrible, ugly picture. Liked an Elephant

2) Who did Dr. Treves give twelve pence to?

-He gives twelve pence to Sir Simon Silcock, the shopkeeper.

3) How did Dr. Treves feel when he saw the Elephant Man?

-The Dr. Treves felt sad, because he saw, worst of all.

4) Why couldn´t the Elephant Man walk well?

-Because, his legs were very big and fat and he had abad back, he could not walk far without a stick.

5) How did Dr. Treves and Merrick get to the hospital?


6) What did Dr. Treves give Merrick?


II- Dr. Treves wrote about Merrick in a little book. Use these words to complete his sentences. ( Use each word once) Then draw a picture of the Elephant Man.Bag- big- enormous- fingers- hair- man´s- nose- skin- tooth |

1) His head is very_________ and it looks like an enormous________ with a lot of books in it.

2) There is not much________ on his head, and the __________ on his face cannot move.

3) An enormous red________ comes out of his mouth, under his_______.

4) The right arm is _________ and the right hand is like a_______ foot, but the _______ of the left hand are long and beautiful.

III- Read chapter 3 and 4. Choose the best question-word for these questions, and then answer them.

Why- Who- What |

1) …..did the police bring Merrick to the hospital?
2) ….did Mr. Carr Gomm writes to The Times newspaper?
3) ….did the readers of The Times do
4) ….did Merrick has a picture of?
5)….did the nurse do when she saw Merrick?
6) ….did Merrick wants to live in a lighthouse?

IV- When the police found Merrick ( in chapter 3), they asked him some questions. Complete their conversation.

POLICE: Now, Mr. Merrick. Where do you live, sir?
POLICE: Do you have any money, sir?
POLICE: Why not? What happened to your money?
POLICE: You can’t stay inprison. Where do you want to go now?
POLICE: Why? Do you know somebody there?
POLICE: Ah I see. All right, sir. Let’s go and see him now.

V- Before you read Chapters 5, 6, and 7, think about Merrick’s life. Is it going to be different now? Some of these things are going to happen. Can you guess which?

He never goes out. He visits a lighthouse.
He reads a lot,He goes to a theatre.
His mother visits him. A nurse wants to marry him.
The Queen visits him. He is very happy.
He makes new friends. He gets very ill.

Read Chapter 5. Who said or wrote this, and to whom?
1. - “A beautiful lady smiled at me and shook my hand!”
2. - “There is a new visitor to see you today.”
3.-“I often read about you in the newspapers.”
4.-“I´m happy everyhour of the day!”
5.-“I do like visiting you very much.”
6.-“It is the best thing in my room, the very best…”
Read Chapters 6 and 7. Here are some untrue sentences about them. Change them into true sentence.
1. – Merrick often went out of the hospital by himself.
2. - Merrick thought and played like a man.
3. - Merrick was very pleased with the bad man in the play.
4. – Merrick did not likestaying in the country.
5. – Merrick usually slept on his Elephant Man died.
1. - Can you find the eleven words from the story hidden in this word search? Words go from left to right and from top to bottom.
N | V | F | I | S | H | K | W | D | P |
U | F | L | O | D | O | C | T | O | R |
R | G | H | D | T | S | D | K | G | L |
S | D | C | Y | D | P | E | U | R | F |...
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