El Lazarillo

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A. Replace the underlined words in the sentenceswith a word or phrase from the box. closeto exiting audience hesitate on his own reserved

1. Antonio thinks that the British people aresometimescold and distant 2. Most of the peoplewatching the play had umbrellaswith them. .........

An actor at the Globe Theatre pushedAntonio as he was going out.

4 . There was a sood Indianrestaurantnear the hotel in London. 5 . When Pablo went home, Antonio went to York by himself 6 . Lisa jumped into the river. Antonio didn't pause and jumped in after her. in B. Match the words in A with theiropposites B.
A f. interested 2. similar 3. luckily 4. shout 5. expensive 6. exotic C. Tick the correct column. Where did Antonio... 1. travel back in time to the year 948 AD? 2. seeaCaribbeancarnival? 3. stay at the GreenGuestHouse? 4. jump off a bridge in his clothes? 5. climb to the top of a cathedraltower? 6. go to a performanceat the Globe Theatre? 7. travel in a taxi with a Cockney driver?8. go to the May Ball? London B a. ordinary b. whisper c. cheap d. bored e. different f. unfortunately



D. Change the sentencesfrom direct speech to indirect speech. 1. "Everythingis so civilised," Pablo said. 2. "PerhapsLondon isn't as traditionalas I thought," Pablo said.

"Are you looking for somewhereto stay?" the old lady on the train askedAntonio. The old lady onthe train askedAntonio

4. "I'm a little tired too, but we have to seethe sunrise,"Lisa said to Antonio. Lisa told Antonio that ............ we'Il go for a walk," Nicola said to Antonio. 5. "Afterwe've openedour presents, Nicola told Antonio that ...........

A. Complete the sentenceswith the correct words. article complained queue shared event advertised cheered memories thattakesplaceeveryyear.

in 1. The Eisteddfod Walesis an .......... 2. Antonio's

in .........was published the travelmagazine.

Antonio and Louisehad to standin a ............... 3. To get into the nightclub,...
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