El mago de oz (inglés)

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The Wonderful Wizard
of Oz

Literatura Inglesa


1-Dorothy describes the house where she lives an the people who she lives, her Uncle Henry an her Aunt Em.
One day, suddenly a cyclone arrived and her uncle go out with his animals and her aunt go into the dark hole, but Dorothy remained in the house with her pet, a dog called Toto.
The house began to fly and Dorothy and Totostayed alone in the house while the house flying.

2- When Dorothy got up she noticed that the house didn´t move, she left the house and she saw some very strange people, there is a old woman who was the north witch. The witch explained that Dorothy had killed the wicked witch of the East. So, Dorothy wanted to come back and the strange people say that she could talk with the wizard of Oz and hecould help her.

3-Dorothy began to walk the yellow way ,when she was tired she saw a great house where it was a party and the people danced, ate and sang. All the people were very happy because the wicked was dead. Dorothy spent the night in that house and the next morning she continued the way. She stopped to rest and she knew a scarecrow who will go to Emerald City with Dorothy because he neededa brain.

4-Now the Scarecrow was walked with Dorothy and Toto, they stopped to rest and the Scarecrow tell to Dorothy his history and he asked to her about her history while Dorothy and Toto ate some bread .Later, Dorothy and Toto went to sleep and the Scarecrow who was never tired, stood up.

5-They knew the Tin Woodman , he told to them his history and Dorothy and Scarecrow were veryinteresting. He told that the wicked witch left his heart because she didn´t want that the Tim man got married with a beautiful Munchkin girl.

6-In this chapter the group of Dorothy know a new member , they were walking when suddenly they heard a big roar and the lion appeared , but it wasn´t a fierce lion , it was a coward lion. They were talking with the lion, and finally the lion joined thegroup to visit Oz because the lion wanted to be a brave. While the scarecrow was sad because he wanted his heart early.

7- Now, a problem was presented in the way of the group because of there was a ravine, in addition in this zone, the coward lion said that there were terrible beasts called Kalidahs. The scarecrow had an idea and they threw the tree to cross the hole , while they were crossing thehole, the Kalidahs were behind them but the Tin Woodman cut the tree and the beasts fell down . Later they found a beautiful place, but they must cross a river.

8-When they were crossing the river, they had troubles and the Scarecrow fell out the boat and the lion helped their to arrived to the other place. When the arrived to the other bank, they had walking near to the river looking for theScarecrow but suddenly a Stork appeared and he helped their and rescued it. Later they had more troubles because they crossed some flowers who were poisonous, so Dorothy and the lion fainted but the Scarecrow and Tin Woodman taken their from there.

9-In this character the woodman save the Queen o the Mice and the mice help them to save the Coward lion, all the mice collaborated the save it andfinally Dorothy woke up and she was surprised when saw all the nice and she was talking with the Queen.

10-Finally the coward lion awakened and they explained his what at happened with the mice .As soon as they could continued their way and soon they arrived to Emerald city. They spent the night in a farmer´s house and the next morning the went to find the Oz .
They pushed the button and theguardian of the gates open the door and the guard did they put a glasses to the spectacle.

11- The Wizard of Oz said the guard that they must rest in the palace´s rooms and the next day, they could see him. So, the next morning Dorothy went to the Throne Room and she saw a big head, the next day the Scarecrow saw a lovely lady, the next morning the Tin Woodman saw a horrible beast and finally...
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