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Cat C15

for Fleet and Line Haul Performance
ACERT ™ Technology for 2007

435-625 Horsepower
Dealer Repair Frequency statistics show Caterpillar ® heavy duty engines offer outstanding reliability based on initial quality and customer surveys.

Laboratory tests and engine disassembly analyses indicate Cat ® C15 engines are expected to have a B50 life of onemillion miles with Cat’s recommended maintenance.

Fuel Economy
2007 compliant Cat ® C15 engines are engineered to offer the same fuel economy as EPA 2004 compliant engines.

Total Owning/Operating Costs
2007 compliant Cat engines are engineered to offer the same reliability, durability, fuel economy and similar maintenance costs as EPA 2004 compliant engines for outstanding overall value.Dealer Support
Caterpillar sets the industry standard for support with 2,500 authorized North American service locations and a 24/7 call center.

Cylinders: In-line 6 Bore/Stroke: 5.4 x 6.75 (137 mm x 171 mm) Displacement: 15.2 L (928 cu in) Weight: 3090 lb (1402 kg) Truck and Bus Ratings: 435-625 hp @ 2100 rpm RV and Fire Truck Ratings: 600-625 hp @ 2100 rpm Torque: 1550-2050 lb-ft @ 1200 rpmKing of the Hill Horsepower: 600-625 @ 2100 rpm King of the Hill Torque: 1850-2050 lb-ft @ 1200 rpm

Count on the Cat C15

The Cat C15 continues to be the heavy duty engine of choice for fleets

and owner-operators alike. That’s because it delivers a winning combination of rugged reliability, million-mile durability, low operating costs and excellent fuel economy.

ADEM™ A4 enhancedelectronics — Three times the memory, five times
the processing speed of ADEM 2000 technology

One-piece steel piston four-bolt connecting rod and high efficiency water pump — Heavy duty components
deliver the reliability, durability and resale value you expect from Caterpillar

Industry-leading up-rate ability — After initial purchase,
the C15 is easily up-ratable to higher horsepower foradditional value at resale

Multi-torque option — Maximizes fuel economy,
performance and driver comfort

Large displacement — Allows more cool,
clean air into the combustion chamber to reduce emissions and enables “Gear Fast, Run Super Slow” driving techniques to optimize fuel economy

“Leak-free” technology — Significantly reduces leaks to cut downtime and improve reliability Catcompression brake — 600 retarding horsepower now available on the C15

for Bottom-Line Value Toda
How do Cat® engines with ACERT ™ Technology meet tougher 2007 emissions standards while maintaining top performance and excellent fuel economy? With refinements to the same innovative approach proven successful over millions of miles: using more cool, clean air for more efficient combustion. Still aSystems Solution
The systems solution of ACERT Technology, a proven success, hasn’t changed for 2007. Its four basic systems of Air Management, Precision Combustion, Advanced Electronics and Effective Aftertreatment are still the building blocks for reduced emissions, powerful performance and outstanding fuel economy.
Cat Designed InjectionTechnology Clean Gas Induction

New Clean Gas InductionClean Gas Induction (CGI) is a proprietary ACERT Technology process that draws off a small amount of non-combustible gas after it has passed through the engine’s aftertreatment system. The gas is then cooled, blended with more incoming cool, clean air and returned to the combustion chamber. Since it has passed through the diesel particulate filter, most contaminants have been removed before the gasre-enters the intake system.

The CGI process through the DPF
NOx, H2O, CO2 back to engine

PM, NOx, CO2, HC

Filter Diesel Particulate Filter / Muffler

NOx, H2O, CO2 to exhaust

The CGI process filters and cools exhaust before re-routing it to the engine.

Precision Combustion

Variable Valve Actuation Series Turbocharging

Air Management

The CGI advantage is clear. It...
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