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The origins of the Andean Parliament are linked to the signing of the Cartagena Agreement signed on May 26th 1969, where the Bolivarian countries met in what was initially called the Andean Pact and is now the Community of Andean Nations (CAN) with order to strengthen their economies through free trade, elimination of tariff and customs union.
Although itscreation isn’t explicitly in this Agreement, instruments like the Declaration of Bogotá in 1978, the mandate of Cartagena in 1979 and the Declaration of Presidents of Quito, August 11th in 1979 support the creation of a parliament for member countries of the Andean Community of Nations.
But these countries sooner created institutional organs and they work for the politic, education, healthy,justice, etc. because they thought that the integration couldn’t be only economic. As a result was born The Andean Parliament responsible for safeguarding the interests of the Andean townspeople.
The Andean Parliament is the organ of the Andean Integration System. Its nature is communal and represents the peoples of the Andean Community.
It was created on October 25, 1979 in La Paz,through the Constitutive Treaty signed for the foreign ministers of Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela.
According to Trujillo Protocol, adopted on March 10th in 1996, its representatives are elected for a period of five years for the respective countries of the Andean Community.
Its mission isn’t to legislate, but to provide advices and give its opinion about on an issue that affectssome member of the Andean Community.
At first the member countries were Perú, Chile, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela but Chile and Venezuela were removed for political reasons. But now they are countries associated in the Andean Parliament and the Andean Community of Nations, like Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay.
Now the member countries are four: Perú, Bolivia,Colombia and Ecuador that also they belong to The Andean Community of Nations (CAN) consequently The Andean Parliament is composed for five permanent representatives from each member country of the Andean Community. Because of this they are twenty parliamentarians; also the Additional Protocol provides that each principal representative has two alternate representatives to replace him during thetemporary absence or vacancy.
The central seat is located in Bogota – Colombia; actually is integrated for a president and three vice presidents from different countries, they are elected for two years.
Participates in guiding and promoting the integration process.
Participates in the legislative process of Andean integration and the achievement of its objectives.
Suggestsdraft standards on issues of common interest for incorporation in the legislation of the Andean Community.
Promotes the harmonization of the laws of the member countries.
The formation of the union of South American nations (UNASUR) including the MERCOSUR (Southern Common Market)
The objectives of the Andean Parliament are:
Promote the participation ofthe nations and the citizenships.
Harmonizing the laws of the Andean countries.
Protecting human rights, social justice and democracy.
To represent the Andean peoples, creating a channel for citizen participation to ensure and sustain the exercise of freedom, justice and democracy in member countries.
Promote and guide people about the importance of Andean sub regional integration processwith a view to strengthening Latin American integration.
Creating jobs through community social projects that have been developed by the Advisory Council of Labor Ministers of the Andean Community.
Eradication of child labor and protection of young workers to ensure the welfare of children, by strengthening public social policy is carried out with the implementation of...
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