El Rock En El Cine

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nd yes, I'm a huge fan of yours! I've been supporting you for years (I would've loved to be born on your same era, though) and listening to your whole discography over and over again withmy best friend (I think my parents are a little bit sick of that).
I always show your wonderful songs to my friends, and thanks to your music I've made new friends too. 
Here in mycountry you have lots of fans, believe it or not! We had waited so much to have you here and we made it! But you know, we're not satisfied with just one concert and we want more and more.However, not only us but our friends from other Latin American countries want to see you live.
Your latin american fans have so much love to give you and not only that, we love dancing atshows!
We've requested your visit to our countries through every social network, and we're excited for that to happen. We hope to be on your show list for this year.
Speaking now formyself, you've inspired me so much.. I've learned to play guitar through your songs (yeah, that's weird right?). With Heartthrob it's like I feel comfortable being a teenager hahaha. 
I lovethe evolution you show with every record, but still showing your personal touch.
A lot of mexican journalists have given you so many good reviews so far! See? You're charming!
I hope youget the chance to travel around the world and visit places you've never been to, we hope you come back to Mexico soon.
We really love you! So much! You didn't visit us with the pastalbums so we want to have you here and enjoy Heartthrob!!!
I would spend hours and hours writing to you, but I don't wanna bother you with my speech.
It's simple, I love your music, I lovewhat you do, I love your style and you'll always be my crushes.
You truly are Heartthrobs!
Good luck, xoxoxo!
P.S.: Check out the mexican indie music scene, I swear it's really good.
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