Electronic age

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The electronic age is empowering and something unavoidable. Some may say, it’s taking over the world. Nowadays, human beings are so dependable on cell phones, music players and computers that it has revolutionized life as a whole. I concur with Henry Thoreau’s idea to simplify one’s life. In his book “Walden,” he suggests making an effort to explore nature and the world itself without any of thecontemporary alterations of it. However, I find a median is necessary in this case. Relying too much in electronics can be a major setback but taking it out completely becomes is depriving.

Modern technology has both provided and lessened stress in my life. Text messaging, emails and Facebook have brought tremendous tension and drama for any text being taken out of context. Anything expressedvirtually can be distorted in some way. The reasons for this dilemma lies under the fact that no one can really prove whether the person was being serious or not.

It opens up room for being completely honest. Confronting a person face to face is as difficult and nerve wrecking as a lie detector test. Older generations didn’t have this problem mainly because they had nothing to lean on but ontheir own courage. The present generation can count on writing anything they really think about through texts or emails and wait for the response of the other person. If the reaction is not as desired, they can just simply argue that they were kidding, that they have no proof of the seriousness behind those words. And it’s a legitimate dispute. Who is to decide if someone was being serious or notif they were not present to see their body language? It’s most definitely beneficial to possess the confidence of being sincere, but depending in the Internet to be one’s true personality is creating two-faced characters in society.

Electronic usage can be extremely helpful as well. In fact, it has saved millions and millions of lives. There is no need for being late to anywhere or of havingthe fear of getting lost thanks to a device called global positioning system, better knows as a GPS. This tool is usually installed in the car and actually speaks to the driver and directs them to their desired destination. If there is no access to one, there are websites such as Mapquest or Google map. Both of these sites are visited daily to find or confirm an address, providing exact directionsof how to get to the destination. Though not as convenient as a GPS, these websites are praised by those who often travel.

Millions of operations are done daily around the world and the invention of gadgets save lives everyday. It has facilitated not only my life but it has let me enjoy my loved ones for a longer period. The average age in the 1900’s was in the 40’s. Today it is in the high60’s. Not only has the medical field advanced into such science beyond anyone’s imagination, but anything is possible these days. Tracking a phone call can easily be done if the police want to locate a person’s position. Contacting somebody is just at the press of a button. All of these make significantly anybody’s life easier, and these are just to name a few. Researching topics can be done fromwhatever part of the world the person is located. Knowledge is expanding thanks to the Internet, television; even phones have applications to deliver daily news.

Any document such as a letter or homework is usually done in an application called Microsoft Word. When using this program, the person has room to make spelling errors since they can nowadays rely on Microsoft Word to either autocorrect or alert them of the error being made. Not only that, the program also checks grammar. A green line will appear under the word or the sentence being misused, or a red line when a spelling error occurs. I find this to be both helpful for obvious reasons but also harmful. It disables society of learning from mistakes, from studying the correct usage of a semicolon or a comma because they rely...
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