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Enc 1101
Petty Vargas
Peter Robert Monck
Enc 1101
September 19, 2009

Writing is a fundamental part of our daily lives but we do not want to admit it. is essentialto have a good foundation in writing to carry out our daily tasks seem easier than having these bases as we do our daily tasks more easily, quickly and easily as XimenaGallego says who works for Toyota Lexus Kendall as administrative assistant.

Writing every day an estimated 4 hours per day Ximena Gallego has seen his life changed forthe better in their daily tasks.
Proving to themselves that the fundamentals of good writing have made their careers a success as their supervisors always have in mindwhen it comes to writing letters to customers and make presentations of monthly reports.

Because it may seem easy to write reports and letters is not.

Becauseinformation must be clearly written and well-ordered ideas and informed that those who expose these reports can have a clear and reliable guide to explain to people interested inacquiring the required information so there are to write the letters to customers in the most clear and direct so there is no dissent or confusion, the idea that bone typemust be as clear and direct each client.

For Ximena Gallego is very important to write and take notes while listening to orders and attends important meetings of thecompany.
Since taking notes is one of the best strategies to not forget any details which have been mandatory or an order with specific characteristics required tocompletely develop their work.

It is very important to take notes of customer orders because writing well what the customers want they can produce the order forms a perfect...
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