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Good morning teacher we are to talk about tips about how to behave in our country

Giving and receiving gifts
So when you give a gift you must have present that the gift is liked by the personwho receives it, you should to know her/his tastes. The gifts very personals only should do to family or close friends. When anyone invites us to go a restaurant o have a dinner we should take adetail so flowers or chocolates. You should care the presentation of the gift because you can’t give a gift in a plastic case. You don’t forget to take off the price of the gift.
And when youreceive a gift you must be grateful. So in our country you can open the gift in front of the person that gift you or if you want to put the gift in a table but you're giving a importance to the gift.So if the gift is a bottle of wine you will serve it in the food. If the gift was flowers you put it in a flower vase and then you put in any place that you and they can see. You never change yourgift with other person.

Meeting and greeting people

When you know anyone you must avoid talking about politics or religion. It’s important that the first time that you know a person youdon’t ask the age. You must shake hand and be very polite. So when you greet someone nearby the greeting is different because you can to greet with a kiss on the check or with a hug so it depends womano man. So you can to greet with clap in the back is correct so when you have more confidence.

Going a wedding

When you go a wedding you must go dressed with formal clothes, you should givethe gifts with time of anticipation and you should confirm the event. You must be punctual you can’t to arrive late because is wrong. When you are in the receptions after of the marriage with thefood you must eat of polite form using the cutlery. You shouldn’t drink in excess. so if you are going to smoke is prefer that you ask permission or get out to smoke where any people inconvenient.
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