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internet (historia del internet ensayo en ingles)

Currently the internet is one of the major media in the world and its resources are used every day for a large percentage of people worldwide,because many depend on it seriously to perform its functions and duties, and others simply used as a hobby more in their lives.

The irony is that a large proportion of these people do not know orcare to know about what is actually the internet, its current approach and has taken courses in history dare, because the Internet we know today is quite different in many respects to that employed intheir origins, both in structure and approach.

In short internet can be defined as a network of networks, which in itself is the interconnection of many networks using various protocols andstandards, it is good to note that one of the main objectives of the internet that focuses on communication and a great way to share files

An important thing to know the Internet is its history sincebecoming a fundamental part of our lives as everything else needed to know where it comes from. The internet was a project that was born approximately in the 60 United States as a means of communicationmore effective and preventive measure against a possible nuclear war. This network is based on interconnected machines with the ability to send and receive information in an emergency. This marked thebeginning of the networks and what we know as the Internet.

Then established the first network at the University of California, which together create and connect three additional networks or appearsARPANET Advanced Research Projects Agency Network, which was the predecessor of what today is known as the Internet.
With the advent of ARPANET was achieved share and exchange resources throughdifferent points remotely, these networks were limited resources, but marked the beginning of today's networks.

With the passage of time and the evolution of computer equipment, networks have evolved...
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