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Why Germany lost the World War 1
Schlieffen Plan
The main hope that Germany had of winning a war on two fronts (France in the West – Russia in the East) lay with the Schlieffen Plan. Having a quickvictory in the west would allow Germany to concentrate all their power in the Russian army. However this plan was not successful. From my point of view this played against them really hard because itwas a psychological and physical strike to Germany at the beginning of the ww1. By the way, Germany thought that Russia was not a good army, only numerous, but it was not like that: Russia imposedmore resistance than Germany’s thoughts. Due to these facts, the breakdown of the Schlieffen Plan it’s a very important factor.
Land Supremacy
The German strategy on land also led to their defeat.The Germans thought that they could win a war by attrition. In other words, bleed the enemy dry. This was a bad tactic, because whilst the Allies suffered horrific casualties, so too did the Germans. Inthe end, the superior numbers of the Allies made it almost inevitable that they would triumph. It should also be noted that the Allies tactics did have an impact on the war. Their command structureand willingness to try new tactics did eventually show results. The casualties were terribly high, but the Allied Commanders were not the uncaring fossils who stuck with the same murderous tactics thatthat they are often portrayed to be. Due to this Germany became vulnerable and helped to the consequence of Germany losing the war.
Naval Power
The British control of the seas and the failure ofthe German U-boat campaign of unrestricted warfare in 1917 was a vital factor in the Allied victory in 1918. British control of the seas allowed the Allies to blockade Germany and Austria-Hungary andthis led to great shortages of food and raw materials in these countries. The Allies had also seized Germany's colonies and destroyed her roaming cruiser squadron. By November 1918 there were food...
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