Ensayo en ingles sobre la eutanasia

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A half glass of water is a half empty glass but a half lie isn´t a half true... is a lie

A dificult decision, a polemic opinion and a hard choice

A different way to die, euthanasia well knownas mercy killing. It consists in taking somebody’s life, with his/her informed consent or with the approval of the family in the instance that the patient can´t do it by his own .There arecontradictory opinions about it. But both sides have very good reasons to support their opinion, and I also have my own reasons to say that mercy killing is mercy of course, because the other is suffering, butIt is a KILLING. With mercy or without it, with an informed consent or without it, it is an homicide. And if someone plans his own death with or without pain is a suicide, nobody can take somethingwhich belongs to other.

Acording to the Argentinian penal code, “homicide is the typical action on the figure of homicide; is the killing of a person, that is, when somebody stop the acitivity ofvital organic working of the pasive person”, acording to this, we can affirm that euthanasia is an homicide, because a person supress intentionally the life of other, and is qualified by the law like acrime.

Secondly the patient can not decide objectively about his/ her decisions because there are many factors that infuence the patient decision. Can a person be objetive when is medicated?Or when is suffering several pain? Or even when is emotionally depressed?. How voluntary could a person be in a situation like that. The groups which are pro euthanasia affirm that the patient hasrights to decide, freely about his / her body, also have the right to have his will be done. But how freely we are, how voluntary we are, influenced by many things? Are we really owners of our bodies orof our destiny? Human nature is made by mistakes,the humanity had spent thousand of years trying to reduce the risks; live or die is not a decision that can be reversed, so we shouldn’t take the...
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