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The noodle boy

The noodle boy is a little kid from Asia, China who originally was living in Israel with his mother who break in illegally into Israel, she used to work with an Israeli women, aflight attendant, but suddenly one day Israel Immigration officers caught noodle’s mom because she was living in Israel illegally without nationality and without papers, so Immigration officers took her,and deport her to china, but she lost her kid on the way, so he was left by his mother by accident. A few days later An Israeli girl who works as a Flight attendant Find this kid and brings him home.Where at the beginning it was too tough because this Kid doesn’t know how to speech the language and he is alone, but he is smart though.
So there was not a good relationship at the beginning butlater on she was more in love with this cute young baby.
This Flight attendant has a sister who’s had a husband but she cheated on him with another guy who is better looking and smart so she and herhusband are kind of separated.
They all call this Chinese kid noodle boy because there was a time that they all were at a Chinese Restaurant because they found a message from noodle’s mom, that waspainted in the wall where they used to live and they went to the Chinese restaurant to translate the message, the message was the direction and name of a restaurant in Beijing where noodle’s mom wasstaying. At this restaurant they all figured out the massage and got in touch with noodle’s Mom. Then they all were eating noodles. This kid taught everyone how they need to eat it, which way, so hetaught them to suction ate the noodle in a funny way.
This kid was spending a very nice time with his new family but he was steel loving and missing her biological mom, he wanted to be with her. So Miri(the flight attendant) as figuring out how to do it and suddenly an opportunity came up, ELAL the Israeli airline for coincidence put Miri in A flight to Beijing so she got and took advantage from...
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