Ensayo sobre incidencia de celulares en ingles

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The cell phones are taking us apart !!

Have you ever been with a group of friends, having a good time talkingor whatever activity you may have been involved in , when everything was abruptly interrupted by the ringing of a mobile phone?
Well that’s the” common” scenario we live daily in the urban areas ,these days you see more walking down the street and they don't stop you to say "Hello" because they're too busy playing with their phone or trying to find their favorite song on their MP3 player , oryou are in a restaurant attempting to have a good time when suddenly a phone rings loudly destroying the peaceful atmosphere you assume that since you're all together and doing something as a group, theperson wouldn't even think of answering the phone unless there was a chance that it was an emergency. You're quickly proven wrong when the phone is answered and while the activity continues, theperson starts having a completely unrelated conversation. They do not attempt to get the person off the phone or tell them that they are doing something with friends but continue to talk and talk withouta care in the world.
¿ How have we, as a society , reached the point where it is common to see people on the phone in public buses having such incredibly loud conversations that you feel the urge tojust join in and answer points in conversation that the person has raised? It is really normal the fact that you would want to join the conversation, !they speak so loudly it would appear that they aretalking to a person next to you , you gently try to tell them to turn off the phone , but the same “urban culture” that makes they ignore you and continue talking , is the same that makes yousuddenly shy and thinks twice to say something .
There is something called “cell phone etiquette” this could be the best solution for these problem , it has various rules like:
1. Setting your phone to...
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