Ensayo soy lo que soy

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Chapter 1: I am What I am

I am what I am, I am not American, not even Mexican-American but just plain Mexican. I am the salsa on your tacos and the“alma” of your fiesta. I am the mixture of the English and the Spanish, I am the Spanglish!

I am what I am. I am the creation of the most passionate loveever created… and also a condom failure. I am the kid who was raised in the Mexican Ghetto.

I am what I am, I am your worst favorite nightmare and anendless dream. I am what I am, the worst spelling and grammar an English teacher will ever confront.

I am what I am, I am your most loyal friend, theone that will stab you in the back, and the one that will always be there for you.

I am what I am, I am the latino accent and the one who doesn’t looklike one… I am the worst older brother and the meanest younger one too.

I am what I am the addicted to technology and the one who will save theInternet$. The one who passes English 12 with an amazing C.

I am what I am, I am the satisfaction of an unsatisfied child. I am part of the black sheep in thefamily that actually disliked this country at first.

I am what I am, I am the one who dislikes sports, but the one who enjoys video games. I am what Iam, I am the smoker who only smokes half of the year: One day I will smoke, the next one I won’t.

I am what I am, I am the cocaine addcit—NOT, and theone of the most calm, relaxed, chill, and cool guy you will ever meet in your life. I am what I am, and as hard as I try; I keep on being who I am.
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