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In Baja California, the environment is very important for all inhabitants of this region because it is the habitat where we live, and it is difficult to live here for the temperatures and thecomplicated conditions which need to be good.

In our state there are many natural wonders suchas the Colorado River, mountains and deserts as the Rumorosa the Laguna Salada, and others. These are thewonders which, together with regional animal (such as bighorn sheep or the blue whale) and the elements water, fire, air, land, part of the environment and provide us with products that are vital to ourexistence, and gradually go away if you do not care. So it is important to our more moderate activities such as logging in the mountains, fishing for Totoaba and the loggerhead, the hunting of bighornsheep or deer, or the production of gasessuch as carbon dioxide, which affect the region and our lives.

However, bajacalifornianos and its government, in the ambition to dominate the land andhandle all your cravings for power, have exploited and seriously damaged the environment with deforestation, hunting of endangered animals, the Water pollution and the production of toxic gases inindustry and much more. And this affects not only our home, that is Baja California, but also our health and wellbeing.

We men sometimes do not understand that other living beings need to live like theanimals we hunt and eat while they are in danger of extinction, all of which are part of our region, and every time we go to a destroying the environment, and little by little with our lives, as wellas they need us, we need them.

Often one thinks "Oh, nothing happens if you throw rubbish on the floor, or that they would end the world." Can you imagine that all think alike? Our planet would bea huge dump, which we could not live. So where you live?

For the government of Baja California and its people, the environment is not very important, because we believe it will remain the same,...
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