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Volume 31, Number 1, 2007 75
Some Historical and Academic Considerations for the Teaching of
Second Language Writing in English in Mexico¹
By Troy Crawford, Universidad deGuanajuato, Mexico

This is a position article in which the author uses historical and academic resources to express his point of view about the teaching of second languagewriting in English in Mexico.

Mexican language is a combination of Nahualt and Spanish. It has evolved through the time, but not as much as it could. It is because Mexicanwriting system is focused on the form and not in the message. It is just acquired by imitations. Some years ago the composition theory research changed from student’s products tojust worry about their writing processes. Consequently composition consists in the form and just a little disciplinary content knowledge.

Traditional writing tends togive the language a description of facts and rules. The teaching of writing is based in a list of grammatical and lexical facts and depends on the function that the text willachieve. It is acquired through direct practice , focused only in the production and organization the language patterns and discourses. Writing must be thought as an activity whichallows changes in particular contexts.

Writing must evolve language functions in society; some of them are related with learning, religion, government, and trade. However,writing does not represent or incorporate all the features of a language.

As a conclusion we can say that writing in English can be considered from different points of viewbut it has to be taught in all his aspects as in grammar, format and content. It is different from Mexican writing because it involves culture, grammar and the social context.
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