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Language and social networks
Thelanguage and social networks has had a great influence on the development of sociolinguistics according to Milroy (1980:245). Moreover it has been in the last years the social networks one of the mostinspires tools to make communities, and within, the encouragement of variations and the change of language, but also in these social networks in where has been seen a specific decoding on theirlanguage or dialects, seen by some authors. Also seems to be a phenomenon that comes with all the evolution of technology even though unconsciously every person has to be push towards language shiftingbecause of restricted ads that are in the different media. Furthermore her are some factors which are important to take into account for the reason that the people influences through the language insocial networks.

Age fashion cultural background status globalization
language in social networks
will language change?

Que orilla e las abreviaturas en el face u otros lados

Social networks - thoseinformal and formal social relationships of which any human society is composed - are distinguished by their own patterns of language use. Lesley Milroy is concerned with the manner in which patternsof linguistic variation characterize particular groups (social and cultural, geographic, male and female) within a complex urban community.
First published in 1980, "Language and Social Networks" hashad a great influence on the development of sociolinguistics. The second edition incorporates an extensive new chapter reappraising the original research and discussing other sociolinguistic work inthe same paradigm.
With LinkedIn ads, users are restricted to 25 character headlines and 75 characters for the main body. Meanwhile Google Ads give users a mere 70 characters to play within the...
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