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The seasons (De sisons)

well guys good afternoon we going to be talking about the seasons

The seasons are the periods(piriods) of the year in climatic(claimic) which (guich) conditions aremaintained(meinteint), in a given region(rigion) within(withen) a certain(cirtein) range.( reing)

These periods last about three months and are called(colt) spring , summer , fall(foll) and winter,Although(altagh) in areas(eirias) of land close to Ecuador are just two seasons, the dry and rainy season because they vary(veery) drastically in rainfall(reinfoll), but not thetemperature(temperattur).
Some indigenous(indigenous) cultures(coulturs) such(sach) as Australia(austreilia divided(divairet) the year into six seasons.
Methods(metuds) of classification
There are two main methods fordividing(divairing) the year into seasons:
-astronomical or traditional method, which is based(beist) on the astronomical events related (releired)to the position of the earth(erthhh) to the sun,-meteorological(miriorolagicol) method, based on weather( wider)events, especially( espeshaly) in temperature,
The first
In astronomy , the solstices (solstiss) and equinoxes (iquinoxis) mark themiddle(midol) of their respective(respectivfs) station(esteishons),
but due(diu) to thermal inertia(inersha), continental regions tend to consider these four dates(deits) as the beginning(bigeining)of these stations.
The four seasons are traditionally marked(market) the start and end these astronomical events ( equinoxes and solstices ).
• Spring (traditionally begins with the vernalequinox(iquinax) and ends with the summer solstice,

While(wail) astronomically begins(bigens) around 4 February in the northern (nortden) hemisphere(gemisferr) and August( aogost) 7 in theSouthern(soutdem) Hemisphere)

• Summer (traditionally begins with the summer solstice and ends with the fall equinox,
while astronomically begins around May(mey)6 in the northern hemisphere and...
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