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James Bond essay.
James bond is a charácter creaeted by the british Ian Fleming in 1952 .He is an international spy and works by undercover, with license to kill, Barry nelson was the first Jamesbond but he just worked in a television program even if wasn´t official I think he is one of the best actors of all time, he worked in “Casino Royall” in 1954.There have been many actors who couldhave the oportuniy to represent his character but I think that the most noteworthy was sean connery because he was the first to be accepted, in the movie teather he was the first in representate thebritish agent But much remains to be seen, honesly I never watched all the movies of james bond but I know something that nobody knows about him, and is his more representative characteristic… HISCAR! An ashton matin and I think everyone recognizes his awesome car.
I think it´s an excellent idea to visit an international spy museum, you can find it in washington DC. And you can see more than600 objects, and they have expositions of , terrorism, civil war and the cold war! I think It could be very funny and we can learn about every stuff that we can find there.

II The InternationalSpy Museum

1. Where is the Spy Museum?
A= the spy museum is in the neighborhood in washington DC.
2. What can you learn from the school for Spies exhibition?
A= You could learn from that treatedas a spy espionage or grabbing their work and among many other things.
3. Where can you find information about how spying began?
A= internet or brooks
4. What can you buy at the Museum Store?
A=spy glasses, spy clothing etc.

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Preparatoria # 3
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Materia: Inglés III
Portafolio # 3Profesor: LCL Hugo Ponce Briseño

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A 1 de Noviembre de 2012, Monterrey Nuevo León México
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