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My grandmother, my new angel.
Life will always give you a lot of obstacles and challenges, and we face them in many different ways, the way my grandma overcame them really made an impact onme, and this is her story. Her name was Telma Mercedes Alvarado Gutiérrez, she was born on September 24 of 1948 in a humble family. She had to made an effort to study. But she was an outstandingstudent, besides she always helped her mother and siblings. The attitudes she had really taught me how to be a better person, and I admire her.

By being born in a poor and military family shefaced a lot of problems, but she overcame everything. When she was 12 years old, her mother couldn´t afford to pay for everything that she and her siblings needed, so she was left on an orphanage.Two years later she had the opportunity to live with her aunt. She always wanted to succeed so she had to paid for her studies, and she graduated as an honor student. Her family was atheist, andshe became evangelist, she really believed in God. Some years later she started working as a journalist. I love how she always tried to accomplish her goals, and to be different.

She alwaysworked hard, and cared about having a strong and united family. After some years of working as a journalist, she created her own evangelic newspaper, named “La Palabra 2000”. She had a hardmarriage, so she raised her children as a single mom; she did great because I have an excellent mother. When I was born, she took care of me and also raised me; she gave me and my family everything weneeded and an endless love. At the age of 62 she had a stroke. After the stroke she stayed 21 days in the hospital for an aneurysm, and died in the operation, leaving the biggest ache, but alsogiving all her love, the example of being strong and determined, she died, but fighting as she always did, I have a wonderful new angel now.
“Better to die on your feet than live on your knees”
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