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For Eddy
Friend, Colleague, Brother, Inspiration
Istarted working on this book in August of 2005 and finished it in May of 2007. It was along process
and a labor of love, and when the final manuscript was handed in I was convinced that it was exactly the
way I wanted it to be.
The book was typesetand put into galley form (industry talk for pretty much finished, with no more
changes allowed), and that was to be it.
But a horrible additional chapter unfolded.One of the main characters in this book is Chris Benoit. He was a huge influence on my career and on
my life, and he is a very important part of this story.
Themajority of the events within this book focus on my life from 1990 to 1999. The Chris Benoit in this
book is the one I knew within that same time frame. The man that Iknew and loved exists within these
pages, not the man that existed during the final days of his life.
Due to the tremendous understanding of the people at Grand CentralPublishing, I was allowed to break
the rules. I was able to make a few changes to the book and to write this message, and I thank them for
I just wish to Godthat I didn’t have to, and I pray for the souls of the departed.
First, I want to say that this book isnot an “as told to” autobiography. Myrole was to brainstorm ideas
and help with organization and structure. The voice is 100 percent Chris Jericho.
Also, we chose to refer to Vince McMahon’s wrestlingcompany as the WWF in most places
throughout the book, because that’s what it was called when the events being described took place. It
has since been renamed the WWE
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