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1.- Eloisa clean her house on friday and saturday
2.- Her mother likes that Eloisa helps to cleaning the house on weekends
3.- The house smells to vanilla usually
4.- Valerio and Eloisa buy thedinner every night
5.- They don´t know how to cook
6.- Valerio goes to the kitchen rarely
7.- He likes to play videogames every Sunday.
8.- His friends go to his house twice a week.
9.- They dotheir homework in the early afternoon.
10.- I take a bath at 2:00 o´clock always
11.- I work from Monday to Friday
12.- I asked to work on Saturday, rarely
13.- I buy clothes once a month
14.-I pay the bank the first day of each month
15.- I do not like going to parties very often
16.- I spend a lot of money each year-end
17.- I can never save money
18.- I like going on a trip every summer19.- I do not like going on a trip in winter
20.- She likes to go to sea
21.- He does not like to go to warm places
22.- We are not rich, but we never needed anything
23.- In my familyalmost never get sick
24.- I like listening to music every night
25.- I do not like Mexican movies
26.- I rarely like to eat seafood
27.- I drink coffee every morning
28.- Sometimes do not take breakfast
29.-Sometimes when I exercise my head hurts
30.- I exercise three times a month at the gym on the block
31.- I'm going to the movies on Sunday nights
32.- I go to church every first of the month
33.-My teeth hurts when I eat cold things
34.- She plays the piano at 5 pm
35.- We do not know how to play any instruments
36.- My mom goes to the doctor once a month
37.- We went for awalk every Sunday
38.- I go to work at 10 am Monday through Friday
39.- I have 15 days vacation per year
40.- They cut the water service 3 times a week
41.- We never get drunk in partys
42.- She walks from toher job to her house every afternoon
43.- I wash my thoot 3 times a day
44.- He buys flowers for his wife every Monday
45.- She makes him a special dinner 2 times a week
46.- They have a...
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