Ingles - simple present

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1. Choose the correct answer:
1. I ___________ in a bank. (work/works/to work)
a. work
b. works
c. to work
2. We ____________ toSpain every summer. (to fly/fly/flies)
d. to fly
e. fly
f. flies
3. The bank _________ at four o’clock. (close/to close/closes)
g. close
h. to closei. closes
4. My mother _________ eggs for the breakfast every morning. (fry/fries/to fry)
j. fry
k. fries
l. to fry
5. She ____________ in Florida.(live/lives/to live)
m. live
n. lives
o. to live
6. Joseph is so smart that he ____________ every exam. (to pass/pass/passes)
p. to pass
q. passr. passes
7. My life is so boring , I just ____________ TV every night. (watches/to watch/watch)
s. watches
t. to watch
u. watch
8. My best friend ___________to me every week. (to write/writes/write)
v. to write
w. writes
x. write
9. It ___________ almost every day in Manchester. (rain/rains/to rain)
y. rainz. to rain
{. rains
10. John _________ very hard in class. (try/to try/tries)
|. tries
}. to try
~. try
2. Complete affirmative sentences:1. he/to go/to school every day __He goes to school every day__
2. I/to like/swimming____________________________________________________

3. you/to play/badminton onSaturdays___________________________________________________

4. the class/to begin/at 9a.m. ____________________________________________________________

5. Katherine/tobe/very smart_______________________________________________________

6. they/sometimes/to go/to the cinema______________________________________________________

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