Essay beat generation link 80's generation

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Essay beat generation link 80’s generation

Beat Generation was a movement that initially began with a small circle of writers who that were used to meeting in the university, later would becomesome of the literary movements both contemporary literature. The meetings of the Beats were expanding to meet not just writers but poets, visual artists, filmmakers, both in the East and in westernNorth America. The term arises during a conversation between Jack Kerouac and John Clellon Holmes in 1948, The Beat movement in the United States generated legendary writers including Allen Ginsberg, JackKerouac and William Burroughs, who were friends during that time. Decades later, are considered references in the literature and the antecendente to the counterculture of the '60. These beat writershave an spontaneous style of writing and their lifestyle consisted of literature passion, listening to jazz music, alcoholism and drug abuse such as morphine, heroin and amphetamine, which accordingto Allen Ginsberg were used as a way to improve their writings.
The movement was attracted by the nature of the conscience oriented to understanding of Eastern thought, meditation practices, etc. Itwas absorbed by the popular culture and by the middle class toward ends of the 50’s and principles of the 60’s. Its hymn to spiritual liberation sexual liberation led to a catalyst that made theliberation movements of women and blacks, the rise of the hippie counterculture and indirectly to the liberation of homosexuals. It also influenced a large number of characters in American culture,especially musicians like Bob Dylan, Tuli Kupferberg, Morrison, Arthur Lee, Janis Joplin.
They inherit a long tradition of repudiation to the conventional thing, practiced by Emerson, Thoreau and Whitman(the individual that adopts an independent existential position to the majority.) they believed firmly in the utopia that the artist/civic one would be the social leader of the future.
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