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As we see make a comparasion between the book Robinson Crusoe and the film Cast away is very interesting.
First of all Robinson Crusoe is a story from real life about a boy that wanted to be asailor and achieve his dreams. On the contrary the film Cast Away tells the story of a man who lived his life around the time.
Robinson Crusoe was a boy that enjoyed of the sea, he always wanted to travelaround the world, he prefer that, instead of studying o working. In the other hand, Chuck Noland was a man that always spent his free time thinking in work. All his life he always tried to do hisbest in his job, sometimes leaving aside family, love etc...
One day Robinson Crusoe decided to embark on the adventure fleeing in a boat for reach his dreams, but he never thought that his adventurewould take him to risk his life and separated from civilization for so many years.
Chuck Noland got on the plane for fixig some problems with deliveries, but for that bad decision his life changeforever.
Here we have a similarity between the two protagonits, after their decisions they had to survive away from civilization. They had to test their instincts, proved to themselves that can survivealone without losing sanity and faith. Both made fire, both searched for food and built a place for live. Robinson did a house, he sowed and harvested.
Chuck Noland learned to fish, he made a friendWilson that was a volley ball, with him Chuck can talked about his dreams, his past life in the civilization and his love Kelly Frears who was his inspiration to survive.
Robinso also Had a friend, adog with help him to did not feeling lonely.
Chuck lived in the island for almost four years, Robinson lived in the island for twenty-eight years. In all this time Chuck began to losing his mind, anddecided to leave the island because he couldn`t spent more time trying to survive in that place and not go crazy, for that reason he built a kind of raft and left the island. He was founded by a...
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