Estudio piloto del arseniato cromado de cobre

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A Pilot Survey of In-Service Home Arsenic Tracked in from Chromated Copper Arsenate-Treated Decks
Cole Sigmon Steve Patch, PhD


havior and lower body mass (CPSC, 2003). A r s e n i c is a k n o w n c a r c i n o g e n . It is a l s o k n o w n to be

Hemond and Solo-Gabriele (2004) estimated th

readily dislodgeable from chromatedcopper arsenate ( C C A ) - t r e a t e d a w i p e m e t h o d s i m i l a r to the U . S . H o u s i n g a n d U r b a n D e v e l o p m e n t (HUD)

receive an average arsenic dose of 33 μg/ lumber. T h e floors o f i n - s e r v i c e day from contact with CCA-treated decks and play sets, mostly from contact with their hands and subsequent mouthing of the hands. Zartarian and co-authors (2005)estimated that children with decks have approximately twice the absorbed doses of concentrations were highest directly ad arsenic than children without decks. Dang and co-authors (2003) estimated that the average excess lifetime risk of bladder and liver cancer for children who have contact with CCA-treated decks and play sets in warm climates and 2.2 χ ‫ -01־‬for children in cold climates.

me t h o d for l e a d d u s t c l e a r a n c e s a m p l i n g . A d d i t i o n a l l y , a h a n d - s a m p l i n g m e t h o d w a s u s e d t h a t i n v o l v e d d i r e c t d e r m a l c o n t a c t w i t h the i n d o o r floor

s u r f a c e . A m o u n t o f d i s l o d g e a b l e a r s e n i c o n the d e c k s w a s h i g h l y c o r r e l a t e d w i t h a r s e n i c c o n c en t r a t i o n s o n the i n d o o r floors. I n d o o r a r s e n i c t a k e n f r o m the m i d d l e o f r o o m s w e r e less t h a n h a l f the c o n c e n t r a t i o n s o f door samples, while concentrations in samples taken from untrodden floor a

s p a c e i n the c o r n e r s w e r e m o s t l y b e l o w the m e t h o d d e t e c t i o n l i m i t . A t h o m e w i t h o u t a CC A - t r e a t e d deck, no measurable arsenic was f o u n d .


The above estimates do not include exposure

According to the National Research Council Subcommittee on Arsenic in Drinking

CCA-decks because little is known about servative industry agreed to withdrawCCA-treatedarsenic to accumulate onresid the potential for lumber for use i n most

settings startingJanuary 1, 2004 (U.S. EPA, indoor floors as a result of being transferred Water, a wide variety of adverse health effects, 2003), C C A was used to treat 98% of lumber through track-in from CCA-treated lumber. produced for residential uses as recently including skin, lung, and urinary bladder as 2001 and existing inventories ofCCA-treatedlumber continued to were avail be Lawn-applied pesticides,however, cancers and cardiovascular and neurological for consumer use after U.S. EPA's ban(ConsumerProduct Safety Commission [C found to be transported and to accumulate indo effects, have been attributed to chronicarsenicexposure, primarily from drinking water 2003). Although some health effects have & Damann, 1994; Nishioka, Burkholder, (National Research Council [NRC], 2001; been found forchromium and copper, effects due to arsenic are 1996). to be much Brinkman, & Gordon, thought Lead dust is World Health Organization, International more severe (CPSC, 2003; Patch & Maas, also known to be transported via track-in Agency for Research O n Cancer, 2004). The 2006). Exposure to arsenic fromCCA-treatedwood is thoughtofto occur in three on shoes (U.S. Department Housing and N R C estimated thata daily dose of 3μg/L arsenic i n drinking water would result i n an (Zartarian, Xue, & Dang, 2005). Children Urban Development [HUD], 1995). Sterling excess mean risk of bladder and lung cancer are considered to be at especially high risk and co-authors (1999) found that the lead of one case per 1,000 persons (NRC, 2001). of exposure to arsenic i n CCA-treatedlumberbecause of their frequent...
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