Ethics in hospitality

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Comes from the greek word “ethos”, referring to character and individual behavior.
Is a set of moral principles and values that people use to answer questions about right and wrong.
Italso means the science of moral.
Moral: is concerned with character or right and wrong, or goodness and badness.

To understand ethical behavior, we must be able to identify ethical tenets (Tenet:doctrine held by a group or a person) of the hospitality management profession:
• Individuals have personal values.

• Organizations have values. These values may be linked to culture,traditions and customs.

• People work together in organizations; organizational values may conflict with personal values. You must be clear about your personal values.

• Organizational actsoriginate a response in the behavior and actions of individuals.

• Ethical decisions may at some point, involve any and all organizational stakeholders.

• Personal ethics and organizationalethics cannot be separated.

• You are part of the organization.

The ethical tenets can help us to evaluate actions, identify issues, and respond in appropriate ways.

Ethics is also aboutour personal value system and we have to understand that there are people with value systems different from ours.

Fortunately, certain universal guiding principles are agreed on by virtually allregions, cultures, and societies. The foundation of all principles is that all people´s rights are important and should not be violated. This belief is central to civilized societies; without it, chaoswould reign.

Today, people have few moral absolutes. They seem to think that whatever is right is what works best for the individual.
In a country blessed with so many diverse cultures, we mightthink it is impossible to identify common standards of ethical behavior. However, many sources from many different times and places, such as:
* The Holly Bible
* Aristotle´s...
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