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La película es HACHIKO
The story is about a music teacher who loved dogs. He lived with his wife and they had a daughter. The professor travelled to college by train every day and returned home at5pm. One day he saw a dog in the street and didn't know what to do because the dog was lost. He looked at the dog's collar and read his name: Hachiko. He took it home but didn't tell his wife becauseshe didn't want any more dogs at home. Little by little the professor and the dog became very close friends and finally the dog stayed at home with all the family.
Every day the professor and Hachiwalked to the railway station and then Hachi returned home by himself. Time passed and everybody at the railway station knew Hachi and the great love the professor felt for him and how devoted the dogwas. 
One day the professor and H walked to the station as usual but this time Hachi didn't want the professor to go. He barked and moved in a strange way. The professor left because he had a classand the dog returned home. In the afternoon Hachi went to the station to wait for the professor but the 5 o´clock train came and the professor wasn't there and many trains arrived but Hachi didn't seethe professor. Finally at night, the professor's son-in-law came to take him home because the professor wasn't going to come: he was dead because of a heart attack at school. The professor´s daughtertook care of H but he went to the station every day to wait for the professor. And the dog continued at the station with all the people who knew the professor, waiting for his master until he died. Thepeople of the station made a statue of Hachi in his honour when he died .

This movie is based on a real fact and at the same time the actors who work in it got awards for his performance in"Hachiko"
The characters in this film are:
* Richard Gere - Parker Wilson3
* Joan Allen - Cate Wilson3
* Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa - Ken
* Sarah Roemer - Andy Wilson
* Jason Alexander -...
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